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This page is for teaching staff which includes advice and guidance on how to manage infections in the classroom as well as our resources for implementing vaccination campaigns including teaching, planning and promotional resources.

HPV Vaccination Programme Introduction Letter

Vaccination UK HPV Cover Letter

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HPV vaccination website article

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Immunisation Best Practice Guide

Adolescent Vaccination Programme Introduction Letter

Immunisation Best Practice Guide

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RSHE and eBug Teacher Info

Td/IPV and Meningitis ACWY vaccination for pupils in Year 9 Cover Letter

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Measles FAQs and advice for educational settings

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Early Years Suspected Measles Action Card

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Schools Suspected Measles Action Card

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Many infectious diseases can be managed by reinforcing the measures recommended in Preventing and controlling infections. Other actions include:

  • encouraging those who are unwell not to attend the setting or remain separate from others, wherever possible. Further guidance on exclusion periods is available for specific infectious diseases
  • ensuring and promoting all eligible groups to take up the offer of immunisation programmes including COVID-19 and flu
  • Having good ventilation to let fresh air in
  • reinforcing good hygiene practices such as frequent cleaning and hand hygiene
  • requesting that parents or carers inform the education or childcare setting of a diagnosis of any infectious disease

During an outbreak or incident, when there are either several cases, or indications of more serious disease, additional measures may be required. Please refer to Managing outbreaks and incidents for more information.

Further information about the management of an infectious individual can be found at:

Contacted your local Health Protection Team (UKHSA)

Contact UKHSA for advice if you are concerned and/or have seen:

  • a higher than previously experienced and/or rapidly increasing number of absences due to the same infection
  • evidence of severe disease due to an infection such as if the person affected has been admitted to hospital
  • more than one infection circulating in the same group of children, young people and staff for example chicken pox and scarlet fever
  • an outbreak or serious or unusual illness for example:

When contacting UKHSA, prepare information in advance to help them to support you. Find out what information you need in What to expect from contacting your HPT.

The West Midlands Health Protection Team can be contacted on 03442253560 option 0, option 2.